Eclectic Interior Design Ideas Living Room

Minimalist Home Ideas

The eclectic concept is able to compete with the minimalist home design which is the trend in 2012. Aesthetically, the eclectic style that was emerged in the middle of the 20th century as a symbol of wealth and prosperity reflecting the style of the past.

The eclectic concept can be interpreted as a merger of the modern style with the traditional characteristics. The eclectic style is currently favored by the particular society, because we know that there are many popular traditional cultures that can be inspirations for the eclectic concept.

Obviously, it’s easy to apply the eclectic concept in your home. The living room is the best area to be integrated with the eclectic style due to its function as the central part of a house.

Here are some basic tips to incorporate the eclectic concept into your living room regarding sofas and couches :Colors and textures

It’s recommended to start the designing by applying the modern concept. It goes to the coloring application.

  • Choose soft tone, such as light blue or green, as the dominant color of the living room. As the accent colors, use cream or beige to be incorporated into the floor and living room fixtures.
  • Add textures into the living room by adding curtains that have similar colors as the living room accent colors, choose at least one of your accent colors.
  • The cushions and the sofa upholstery are also stuffs that can enrich textures.Lighting

It is important to design a good lighting design for the eclectic design. Therefore, you can start by hanging a crystal chandelier right in the middle of the living room. As the lighting decorative elements, don’t forget to place ethnic-look table lamps. The ethnic-style table lamps can be incorporated by unique cultural design, such as Asian style or South American style.In-house plants

Integrating plants inside the house is another characteristic of the eclectic style, therefore place some exotic plants, such as Dracaena, ficus, orchids and cactus.

Bed In A Bag For Even More Minimalist Design:

When you make up your bed, there are some things you definitely need. For instance, you need pillow covers, shams, sheets, bedspread, and probably a comforter. For each of those, you likely need to make a separate purchase. That is, unless you choose to get a bed in a bag. By understanding what bed in a bag is, how to shop for bed in a bag, and what the pros and cons are, you can better decide if buying a bed in a bag is right for you. Here is some information that can help you get to that point.

What It Is

So what exactly is a bed in a bag set? It is almost exactly what it sounds like. A bed in a bag set is usually most if not all of the comforter, shams, cases, sheets and bedspreads all sold in a large plastic bag. Usually clear, the bag allows you to see what you are getting so you can decide if the cover matches your room or your taste.

Where To Get Them

Whether you are looking for discount bed in a bag or luxury bed in a bag, you will likely start your search at any home interior store. However, mattress stores, some furniture stores, and even designer stores may offer bed in a bag sets.

If  you are simply looking for the best bed in a bag deal, though, you should start by looking online. The internet, like with most anything else, will offer you a wide range of places where you can get bed in a bag for discount prices.

Pros And Cons

Starting with the cons, there is really only one, but for many it is a big one. With bed in a bag, you are locked into a combination. In some ways, your personal creativity is stifled by the idea that you get one set of shams, one cover, one spread, and one comforter. When buying separately, you can be creative.On the pro side, you can get something you know will look great together. You can even look for a bed in a bag set that matches your décor precisely. After all, depending on where you go, you can get a variety of sets. You can get a blue bed in a bag set, animal print bed in a bag, or even a wolf bed in a bag. For the horse lover, some stores are even selling a horse bed in a bag. No matter what, though, you can match your love while being sure that your set will match itself.